Team History

It all began in 1920 with the creation of the Varsity Outdoor Club (VOC). This club was involved in many outdoor activities, including skiing, and was student run. By 1928, it was among the most popular clubs on campus.

In the Spring of 1930 the first alpine competition was introduced, an intramural event that included both a downhill and a cross-country skiing component.

Then late in the 1930’s, the UBC Ski Team separated from the VOC and began racing in the Northwest against such teams as the University of Washington.

By the 1950’s, UBC had become a popular and competitive team. Al Fisher joined as the volunteer coach in 1956 and was later inducted to the UBC Athletics Hall of fame (2003). Fisher combined a passion for fitness and skiing to get the most out of the athletes and, over the years, led some of the University’s most successful ski teams.

Since the 1950’s, strong Alumni support and a desire to keep a collegiate team in Canada has kept the Skibirds going.

Our ‘History’ thus far was adapted from a great article by UBC sports historian Fred Hume – many thanks.

We would like to document all the ‘chapters’ of the Skibirds story, and have started to do so in 2014 through a series of blogs you can read through here.

Can YOU help continue the story?  Please help us fill in the blanks by commenting, or by emailing


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